Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Challenge the Changes

That's what we are all afraid of - changes. We want our life to be secured, smooth and without changes. Without unfavorable changes I mean. But changes that seem to bring challenges to face, changes that even for a moment makes life catastrophic are never welcome. Right?

I also have a similar view. But now when I peep into the past and reminisce, I feel that these unfavorable changes ultimately do good. Those are the moments where we judge our strengths.

Our brain always wants to do the same events again & again. It wants to avoid changes. And when your brain was caught inside a circle, it won't think anything beyond that imaginary circle. Break the circle & drag your brain out.

I always believe in the words "A Calm Sea Never Makes A Good Sailor"

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
-- Martin Luther King Jr

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An Incredible feeling...

Have you ever gave anything to anyone who's really in need? If you give, give it from your heart. Then you'll get an incredible feeling.
Newscaster Paul Harvey once told about a woman who called the Butterball Turkey Company and said that she had a turkey which had been in her freezer for 23 years. She asked if it was still any good. She was told that if her freezer was at least zero degrees, then it was probably safe enough to eat. But they wouldn't recommend that she eat it. The flavor would have deteriorated considerably. She said, "That's what we thought. I guess we'll just give it to the church."(Hmm. How good she is!!)
Some people give off the top. Others scrape if off the bottom!But people who enjoy giving the most, give straight from their hearts. Santa Claus is becoming a universal symbol of giving. Millions of children write letters to Santa each year, in hopes that they won't be forgotten during his annual giving spree. Did you know that the US Post Office is actually finding ways to answer all of those letters to Santa Claus?
They used to just stick them in the dead letter box. But now some cities have programs that allow people to sort through those letters and become "Santas" to others in need. One letter, which might have been discarded a few years ago, was from a boy named Donny who wrote that he wanted a bike for Christmas and "some food and what I really need is love."
Another letter, from a young mother, said, "I lost my job...and I cannot afford to give my two children the things they need for the winter months." In some cities now, anyone can help by going through the piles of Santa's mail held at their local post office. They choose a letter and respond however they can. Anyone can be Santa! "I like to go to their home on Christmas Eve," one generous Santa said. One year he bought presents for four children and groceries for their mother. "The feeling you get is just incredible." That incredible feeling can only come one way -- when we give from the heart.
This is a truth which is not limited to a particular holiday season or tradition. Whether we give food, an hour of time or a hug, when we give from the heart we give our best. But let me offer a word of caution. If you choose to give from the heart, be careful. You might just be overwhelmed by the most incredible feeling! And if you continue in this behavior, the feeling may become permanent!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Do you rely on yourselves?

Hi dears,
Yesterday I told you abt my dream & my hope to survival. I read something about a person & I want to share with you.....
Most people report that they do not usually feel confident. But exciting things can happen when we actually believe in ourselves. Here is a man who believed in his own ability even as a boy, and that confidence helped shape his adult life.
At the start of the last century, a young boy quit school to help with the family expenses. When he was fifteen, he became interested in automobiles and worked in a garage. He subscribed to a correspondence home study course on automobiles and, after a long day in the garage, studied at the kitchen table by lamplight.
When he felt ready, he walked into the Frayer-Miller Automobile Company of Columbus, Ohio. When Mr. Frayer noticed him, he asked,
"Well, what do you want?"
"I just thought I'd tell you I'm coming to work here tomorrow morning," the boy replied.
"Oh! Who hired you?"
"Nobody yet, but I'll be on the job in the morning. If I'm not worth anything, you can fire me." (Try that in today's market!) Early the next morning the young man returned to the plant. Noticing the floor was thick with metal shavings and accumulated dirt and grease, the boy got a broom and shovel and set to work cleaning the place.
Because of his self-confidence and work ethic, Eddie Rickenbacker's future was predictable. He went on to excel in many fields, including automobile racing, piloting World War 1 planes and founding what was to become one of America's largest airline companies -- Eastern Airlines.
There is no magic bullet to instantly become a self-confident person. But it begins with one of the most important relationships in your life -- your relationship with yourself.
People who become more confident habitually encourage themselves. They become their own best friend.
Rob Bremer asks the question, "If you had a friend who talked to you like you sometimes talk to yourself, would you continue to hang around with that person?"
If the answer is "Yes!" you are on the track to become more self-assured. Without confidence, you are not likely to move far in the direction of your dreams. But become your own best friend and almost anything will be possible.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Shahul the Protector-But lost the mission & got trapped

Hi dears,

Last night I had a dream. It appears strange. Does dream really show us a path? I don't know. OK Here's the dream.....

I & my friend(I don't know who he is!) were assigned a mission to save a high power nuclear built warplace (it's a bit confusing!) from a mysterious destruction ("Shahul the protector" How's the title!). We were told that if the mission is not accomplished the nuclear weapons at the base of the place may destruct the entire world. (Already, some people moved to some other planets & a spaceship is awaiting for us to take us back to the X-planet, if it went wrong). We went to the place where the reactor was situated. But the destruction had already started. Flames come here and there. But we still have time to set things right. Before our entry into the place, we saw some people who are struggling for their lives from the fire that's spread out from the reactor. So we gave importance to those people 'n we saved most of them. In the mean time, the reactor was entirely on fire & we can't do anything than running.

I told my friend to go to the spaceship and to wait there for me. Since my family was on earth( some distance from that place) I went there to take them along with me (In the mean time we announced the people to vacate Earth & go to the place where the spaceship landed. I went to my home. My mom & brother already moved to the spaceship. My dad was there getting ready. He was closing all the doors of our house. I told him it's not the time to do that now, since the world is under destruction. We got ready to move.

Suddenly four people entered our house. They looked like rogues but I'm certain that they are too scared. I told them to vacate & move. They told me that GOD WILL SAVE US. I argued with them it's not the time to wait for the god & we only have to take action. Then I told them about the position of the spaceship and ask them to go there. They shouted that how many miles they have to go in this desert.

DESERT!!!!!!!!!! My house is in the middle of a town and I'm sure it's not a desert. I erupted out of my house and got shocked!! Yes we are in the middle of a vast desert and there's no sign of anything there except our house. May be the effect of the destruction!The spaceship may have gone! It;s too late!.. I thought. But I don't want to loose hope. I called my dad and we got out of our house to search the spaceship (since it's now a desert I lost the direction)

Suddenly I woke up from my bed & from my never-ending journey of the search(my dream). Is there any meaning to dreams? I Don't know. But this dream really interests me.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A tribute to Dad-Vaaranam Aayiram

Hai dears,
We have seen the movie 'Vaaranam Aayiram' last week. A fantastic & awesome movie. Not a commercial movie but really a professional one. Surya really lived the character. And Gautham Menon... What to say abt him? We can even make a dictionary for him. Both Gautham & Surya proved they are professionals. Sameera looks gorgeous in this movie. Harris Jeyaraj rocks.

The film is rather very slow. We do have a lot of patience to watch. But Biographies are always like that. So, we can neglect the slowness. This movie is sure a tribute to all dads.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Finally, I've created my blog. Feel free to comment.