Monday, January 19, 2009

SlumDog 'Optimist' Millionaire

Hai Dears,
A.R. Rahman became the first Indian to win a golden globe. The Indian based story "Slumdog Millionaire" wins the best picture award. Based on the Vikash Swarup novel "Q & A" the film is based on Mumbai. We wish the team to win Oscars also.

But waht's more important is the Story of the film. A slum boy, who is uneducated participates in the "KBC/Who wants to be a Millionaire" reality show, win 20 Million Rupees & also finds his lost love. How he knows the answer for the questions is the story of the film. The important thing we have to note here is "HE DON'T WIN THE MONEY BY MERE LUCK. HE JUST FINDS THE ANSWER FROM HIS PAST DARK LIFE" All of us have met something bad in our life. Be it some failures in exams, loss of our loved ones or anything. It happens just to make something straight. God, the supreme power gives us pain just to make us strong. And when we cross each & every hurdle in our life, we are getting much stronger. And here in this film is this guy, Jamal Malik who uses his past dark memories, finds out the answer & wins. He is uneducated & he may decide not to participate in the show. But its his will that drives him to participate in the show & he ultimately wins. Most of us are not like Jamal Malik. We consider ourselves inferior & we are not competing with others.
"Staircases are made with stones. Its only with us whether we consider it as hurdles or stepping stones"


Hai dears,
Sorry for the delayed post. Lot of things happened inbetween. The foremost thing is the Mumbai terror attacks. Extremism in any way should be avoided. Violence can't put an end to anything. On the contrast, it only stimulates other unnecessary events. And these terrorists don't have any humanity in them. I think they are just wild boars.

I, personally support our country to go to a war, if the Pak. government didn't respond. It's coming from the heart. We may bring down some terrorist organizations like LeT by war. But when you think with your brain, in the long run it will create more damage than benefits. Our economy will go back to that of 80's (Also consider the current economic crisis). It may bring an end to "LeT". But will it bring an end to entire Terrorism? Definitely not! New terrorist groups will arise. If we tighten our security, they may attack our Embassies abroad & may kidnap & kill some NRI's. Again we will have to loose some lives. Death & war can't bring conclusion. It only triggers the evil human nature. We ourselves have both Mahatma & Chanakya. We have to move in the peaceful way. If it won't bring results, move in the "Chanakyan" way & bring down those terrorists. We should always have a positive mindset.