Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An Incredible feeling...

Have you ever gave anything to anyone who's really in need? If you give, give it from your heart. Then you'll get an incredible feeling.
Newscaster Paul Harvey once told about a woman who called the Butterball Turkey Company and said that she had a turkey which had been in her freezer for 23 years. She asked if it was still any good. She was told that if her freezer was at least zero degrees, then it was probably safe enough to eat. But they wouldn't recommend that she eat it. The flavor would have deteriorated considerably. She said, "That's what we thought. I guess we'll just give it to the church."(Hmm. How good she is!!)
Some people give off the top. Others scrape if off the bottom!But people who enjoy giving the most, give straight from their hearts. Santa Claus is becoming a universal symbol of giving. Millions of children write letters to Santa each year, in hopes that they won't be forgotten during his annual giving spree. Did you know that the US Post Office is actually finding ways to answer all of those letters to Santa Claus?
They used to just stick them in the dead letter box. But now some cities have programs that allow people to sort through those letters and become "Santas" to others in need. One letter, which might have been discarded a few years ago, was from a boy named Donny who wrote that he wanted a bike for Christmas and "some food and what I really need is love."
Another letter, from a young mother, said, "I lost my job...and I cannot afford to give my two children the things they need for the winter months." In some cities now, anyone can help by going through the piles of Santa's mail held at their local post office. They choose a letter and respond however they can. Anyone can be Santa! "I like to go to their home on Christmas Eve," one generous Santa said. One year he bought presents for four children and groceries for their mother. "The feeling you get is just incredible." That incredible feeling can only come one way -- when we give from the heart.
This is a truth which is not limited to a particular holiday season or tradition. Whether we give food, an hour of time or a hug, when we give from the heart we give our best. But let me offer a word of caution. If you choose to give from the heart, be careful. You might just be overwhelmed by the most incredible feeling! And if you continue in this behavior, the feeling may become permanent!


  1. Dear Shahul,

    Give it from your Heart - Yes. it is true that whatever you do with your heart and soul, it gets multiplied by thousands and hence even a small thing that you give it to others with your heart and soul truly in it, it becomes better & greater.

    just like the following thirukural,

    காலத்தினால் செய்த உதவி சிறிதெனினும் ந்ஜாலத்தின்

    மானப் பெரிது - a timely help is much better than what it seems. However, a Timely help with your heart and soul in it is the best one can get.

  2. \\Have you ever gave anything to anyone who's really in need? If you give, give it from your heart.\\

    This is incredibly nice.

    I always say

    Duty - If anyone ask for your help
    Help - If you find them that they are in needy.


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